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The intended purpose of this blog is to exchange this author’s thoughts, opinions, ideas and observations with peers, on the business environment within which project management execution is attempted.  Although project management has seen great growth over the last two plus decades, we still have a long way to go, as we are annually reminded by the Standish Group’s CHAOS Report.  Why?  Certainly one of underlying factors is project management being viewed and treated by many as a technical discipline (which it is to a limited extent); not as a business management discipline and a process for business execution.  Thus, the subject of this blog: The Business of Project Management.

What is this Blog?

  • An exchange with my peers – Seasoned, grizzled project/program managers
  • Perspectives on issues related to business effectiveness of project management, whether it be the individual project manager, project teams or the organization
  • A wade into the morass challenges of how to achieve better results with the organization’s resources

What this Blog is not!

  • A place to learn project management fundamentals; the technical body of knowledge
  • A discussion of the nuts & bolts (how to) aspects of project management
  • A prescription for designing an organizational environment; that needs to be organization specific, because of the many variables and the differences between organizations

The Business of Project Management!

I use this term as an all encompassing term to include the totality of the project management environment within an organization; how it manages and executes projects.  It is inclusive of the organization, as an entity, its project teams and its individual contributors.

Join Me!

Blog entries are intended to share my thoughts, opinions, ideas and observations on items of interest (to me) and hopefully generate discussion with my peers (you). Please join me with your thoughts on the various posts. The dialog, hopefully two-way, is intended to be thought-provoking, with a dose of New England Yankee humor and common sense.

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