About Wayne

Wayne was born and raised in small-town New England, which infused a disciplined work ethic, strong dose of common sense and tongue-in-cheek sense of humor into his personality. After many years, he has become well entrenched in the Silicon Valley, CA, with a large family, many friends and professional connections, and an appreciation for the moderate climate, although a New Englander in spirit.  He fully enjoys life whether it involves meeting new people, connecting with difference cultures, visiting new scenic vistas, sampling diverse cuisines, debating points of view, or just spending time with family and friends.

Like many of his colleagues he is an “accidental project manager”, coming from an engineering education and base career.  He has very diverse work experiences; some jobs types include metal-working/assembly manufacturing, software development, nuclear energy, computer storage, automotive, telecommunications, and customer satisfaction. In additional to being a full-time employee, he has had numerous stints as a contractor and consultant. His experience in project management spans decades and has involved leading global programs and organizational development of project management practices.  Some of the companies he has performed work for include IBM, Westinghouse, Intuit, Honda/Acura, SoftReach Services, Colt Firearms, Hamilton Standards, Carrier, and more. Additionally, he has had customer facing roles, many with Fortune 100 executives.

Educationally, Wayne has degrees in Mechanical Engineering, Business Administration, and Program/Project Management.  He is a certified PMI Project Management Professional and was very active in establishing and developing the PMI-Silicon Valley chapter.

With all the above, and more, it is clear Wayne is not one to sit idle; spare time or otherwise.  He is constantly doing, learning or teaching.  Philosophically he believes a person’s success is measured in project achievements, new perspectives gained, new people met and help given along the way.  So, don’t ask him about Dancing with The Stars, American Idol, or sporting outcomes; that isn’t where he spends his time.

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